Monday, August 11, 2008

david b.!!!

parisian graphic novelist, david b., will be speaking at the seattle public library THIS SATURDAY. if you read and loved persepolis then his book "epileptic" will probably look very familiar to you as his work has been a great influence on marjane satrapi.

2 p.m.
saturday, august 16th

david b. wrote

more info on the event here:

francophones: david b. will be speaking in french with an interpreter.

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Tobi Vail said...

carpool from olympia? there's also a Godard film series happening...

saralibrarian said...

carpool is on. david b. followed by godard?! oh la la. we'll have to find a creperie between the two.

Tobi Vail said...

ok, here's the schedule:

Godard Films