Friday, August 8, 2008

The Darker Nations by Vijay Prashad

I'm also reading The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World by Vijay Prashad .It's been difficult for me to grasp theoretically because it's full of descriptions of events and historical analysis I should already know/remember that I'm trying to digest.

Here are some notes from Page 1, Chapter 1, "PARIS":

+1801 Haiti (San Domingo) inspired by French Revolution to win independence from France, making it the first successful slave revolt in modern history (see the Black Jacobins by CLR James, which you may have read in a Political Economy class at TESC...supposedly I read this book in 1991)

+1945 Post-WW2: France sends troops to Vietnam, West Indies and African "former" colonies; now "overseas territories"

+1955 Aime´ Ce´saire's Discourse on Colonialism published:

"Europe is indefensible".

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