Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Favorite Books/Blogs/Columnists of 2008.

None of my favourite books of 2008 were published in 2008. Most of them were published long before it. But I still think they are vitally relevant to what happened in 2008- the perpetuation of dehumanizing domination in all its insidious forms- and what should/ has to happen- dramatic/revolutionary change- because they go a long way in describing why and how domination happened and why- but sadly not how- society should change.


Theodor W.Adorno- Prisms, Critical Models, The Culture Industry and Other Essays. The Dialectic of Enlightenment.

Walter Benjamin- The Arcades Project, One-Way Street, A Berlin Childhood, Critique of Violence, Fragment on Capitalism.

Alain Badiou- Polemics.

Guy Debord. Society of the Spectacle.

Frantz Fanon. Black Skins, White Masks. Wretched of the Earth.

Henri Lefebvre. Critique of Everyday Life vol 1,2.

Karl Marx. Capital vol. 1.

Pier Paolo Pasolini. Poems/ Essays/Movies.

I did, however, read blogs and columns published in 2008. In my mind they supplement the books and help me try to understand what is going on and why on a day-to day-basis.



Dead Voles

Dissenting Historian

How The University Works

Infinite Thought

Institute For Conjunctural Research

James Wolcott’s Blog

Le Colonel Charbert

Lenin’s Tomb

Rough Theory

Sit Down, You’re a Bloody Tragedy.

Socialism and/or Barbarism.

Columns by Naomi Klein, John Pilger, Norman Finkelstein, Vijay Prishad, Tariq Ali, Gary Younge, Thomas Frank and sometimes Robert Fisk, Paul Krugman and Bob Herbert.

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things i've learned form women who've dumped me; succulent wild woman (97)/ the foggy monocle (blog)/ Cintra Wilson (columnist)