Friday, November 21, 2008

non-fiction and periodicals

way back in august i said i would post more about the periodicals and nonfiction i have been reading. here are some things i have been reading this year:

The Dip - Godin --- a book about when to push through the hard part and get to a better place, and when to identify it as a dead end and bail, and especially about the importance of knowing the difference.

Complete Idiot's Guide To Weight Training - multiple authors --- Been doing resistance training twice a week.

Own A Racehorse Without Spending a Fortune - Metzel --- Am somewhat interested in the horse business. turns out there are three businesses - breeding, pinhooking, and actual racing, which may or may not include claiming. pinhooking is buying a young horse and selling it as soon as it has won a race or two.

(Sound) Mag - I am a columnist for this regional music mag now...

Concert Tour Production Management - Vasey --- just started this one...

This Business of Concert Promotion and Touring - multiple authors - again, just started this one...

From Option To Opening - Farber --- One of my clients wrote a piece of musical theater, so I'm learning about this...

Tour Smart and Break the Band - Atkins --- Some good stuff in this book, and some total crap.

Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guides --- I am in a weekly "step study" group studying this book...

The Lawn & Garden Owner's Manual - Hill and Hill --- I have never had a lawn and garden that I cared about before now, so I have a lot to learn...

Total Heart Rate Training - Friel --- trying to make my running more efficient and get greater gains from my training

You Can Do It! Make Money With Horses - Blazer

Become a Winner Claiming Thoroughbred Race Horses - Specogna

Investing In Thoroughbreds Strategies for Success - Kirkpatrick

Artist Management for the Music Business - Allen --- since this is my new fulltime job, of course I am interested in reading everything that is out there on this subject...

Performing Songwriter --- cheesy looking magazine that actually has great interviews with songwriters about their actual creative process, and a lot of other crap too

American Songwriter - slightly less cheesy but similar to PS above...

Portland Spaces --- magazine

Realms of Fantasy - magazine, kind pulpy even though it isn't on pulp

Tape Op mag

Giant Robot Mag

Paste mag

No Depression --- before they stopped

Sing Out! --- awesome mag in the deep folkie tradition

Sponsorship - NAWS, inc --- a book about sponsorship in Narcotics Anonymous

Essential Chest and Shoulders - Brungardt --- another book about weightlifting

Fantasy and Science Fiction - 60 year old sf pulp mag, like a great anthology every month

The Noahide Code - about the seven laws that all righteous non-jews should observe, according to Judaism - an older set of rules than the 12 commandments

Complete Idiot's Guide to Core Conditioning, Illustrated - Hagerman --- core conditioning is the most important part of my training regimen, because due to my bad back, i have neglected my "core" for many years

This Business Of Artist Management - Frascogna and Hetherington --- years ago when i started in the record business, "This Business Of Music" was the basic text that guided me through the musiz biz's esoteric laws and customs, so this seems like a good resource now that I am a music manager, no longer a record label dude...

Narcotics Anonymous - NAWS, inc --- The Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous, perhaps the most important book in my life

iPhone: The Missing Manual --- this was helpful to find functionality in my iphone that i didn't know about

The Journal Of George Fox - Fox --- a very important figure in the early days of Quakerism

A Chosen Faith - Buehrens and Church --- About the Quaker religion

Just For Today - NAWS, Inc --- book of daily "affirmations" from NA texts and members...

The Noahide Laws: Understanding Humanity's Obligation to God - Toney --- More about the Noahide laws (Judaism is my favorite world religion but I am not interested in coverting, so I am instead interested in what Jewish thought and law says about gentiles)

The Path Of The Righteous Gentile - Clorfene and Rogalsky --- more about the Noahide Code

The Rainbow Covenant, Torah and the Seven Universal Laws - Dallen --- more about the Noahide Code

Sports Illustrated --- mag

The New Yorker --- this and the new york times have been my constant companion through my whole adult life, but I miss Tina Brown

The New York Times --- see above

An Introduction To Quakerism - Dandelion --- another book on Quakers, this one is both about the history and the ideas and the movement as it exists worldwide today.

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