Saturday, November 15, 2008

George Being George

As literary lives go, Plimpton’s was a doozy. Well born, well bred, the father of four, a witness to the great, the good and the gifted, he epitomized the ideal of the life well lived. He sparred with prize­fighters and competed against the best tennis, football, hockey and baseball players in the world, and along the way he helped create a new form of “participatory journalism.” He palled around with Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal and William Styron, and drank with Ernest Hemingway and Kenneth Tynan in Havana just after Castro’s revolution. He also edited and nursed that durable and amazing literary quarterly, The Paris Review, which published superb fiction and poetry and featured author interviews that remain essential reading for anyone interested in the unteachable art of writing.

New oral history biography of George Plimpton out now


Dennis Holway Driscoll said...

I have that book! It has great photographs.

I have a blog on here now:
I believe.
My friend Katie Rice's blog is great!
She used to draw for Ren & Stimpy:


Tobi Vail said...

I read this book recently, well speed-read it, and it was kind of a disappointment really, though i do love EDIE and the PARIS REVIEW