Sunday, September 21, 2008

working sex: sex workers write about a changing industry

considering the source, i had very high expectations of this book. the height was merited.

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from the introduction by annie oakley:
"Sex workers telling stories, humanizing ourselves through the sharing of experience and insight, punctures the bloated dream of consumption without consequence. It puts a real face on the mythological creatures that are the subject of so much fantasizing and demonizing. It moves us from a weird landscape populated by iconography of people's fears and desires to a tangible, relatable reality; and only from there can we begin to be taken seriously as people deserving of safety, agency, and respect."


Tobi Vail said...

hi sara. does this mean this is at the library now? i haven't seen it yet, can't wait.

saralibrarian said...

oui oui! the olympia copy is now checked out by someone else but it's checked in at tumwater so if you put it on hold it will not take long to come over.