Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogs/websites etc.

This blog has introduced me to a lot of good books. I really appreciate reading everybody's discussion of them, but with each new post I also get slightly dismayed, because my dream of reading every good book is made progressively more impossible.

This blog also made me realize I do a lot of reading on the internet. I know I'm not alone in this, so I was hoping people would let me know about what blogs/websites they love. I don't know if there are as many good websites I've never heard of as good books I've never heard, but I would sure like to find out. Please divulge away.

I'll start by plugging my newest exciting discovery. Its not a book or a blog, but since many of us went to Evergreen, lets just say its a text and include it. What I'm talking about is the Pacifica radio show Against the Grain. I had never heard of it until earlier today when a friend texted me assuming I had listened to the recent episode with Slavoj Zizek. After he told me what he was talking about, I downloaded the Zizek episode and an episode on Decolonization. Both were excellent. Now I can't wait to dig into the rest of the show's massive archive which includes topics like Social Movements, Feminism and War and Tolstoy's anarchism. They're gonna be awesome.


Tabitha Says said...

check out my other blog:

also, did you see the Noise For Obama site?

i just linked to it from tabitha says

even though i like to blog, i can't really read online, i have to print stuff out if it's of any length

CO said...

i like yr other blog. but i couldn't find where to comment. re noise for obama, does anyone know what other scenes are saying? is the new k scence james described for obama? has vice magazine or pitchfork commented on the election at all?

saralibrarian said...

laila lalami's blog: politics, culture, books...

by mattilda bernstein sycamore

Cute Overload
(it is exactly what it sounds like.)

Book Covers Blog
(There are many lame images on this website but there are also many mindblowing ones.)

amerian indians in children's literature blog


and of course
to keep them all straight...

AL LARSEN said...

Thanks for posting about Against the Grain. I didn't know about it and now it's my favorite kitchen listening. I thought the segment on the Clash was completely annoying though... maybe I'll write about that.