Thursday, September 24, 2009

"summer recap"

I've been trying to read books that are kind of like classics, not like actual classics but the ones that are assigned at school so most everyone has read them. I've read to kill a mockingbird and one flew over the cuckoos nest. I really liked to kill a mockingbird and read it really quickly. It took a while for me to get into one flew over the cuckoos nest. I got through the last chunk pretty fast, the ending was depressing. While I read one flew over... I reminisced on high school reading. I kept wondering if this was one of the books that mainly the boys like. Like I remember in school that most of the girls hated beowolf and most of the boys loved it.

I've been reading almost entirely fiction for the past few months which is highly unusual for me. I read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Ok, I already love dystopian fiction but I looooooved this. One of the elements that I intially hated but then I loved was the refrences to durrent technology, like blogging and texted and social networking sites, fast food and such... The internet plays a pretty big part in the storyline. Most of the dystopian fictions I read are kind of old, so to read a story that has teenagers texting in it... it made it feel more current therefore actually possible, interesting because Atwood has stated that she doesn't write science fiction but speculative fiction. I also read a Handmaids tale by her. It was good, doubly depressing because it's mainly about the governments oppression of women (first their bank accounts are frozen, then they are sent home from work, and so on worse and worse). Oryx and Crake was far more gnarly. I liked it a little better. I also just read that Atwood will be making it into a trilogy.

Somehow all this fiction reading makes me feel dumb (I don't know why), I need to get back into a non-fiction loop. I've been thinking a lot about collective unconciousness. suggestions?

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Tobi Vail said...

collective unconscious? well if you wanna get trippy (beware of the 'universalist' trappings) try Jung. I think Dreams and Reflections is the one I read that addresses this idea.
though I don't believe in this crap, as you well know! remember all those goofy convos on spider and the webs tour?!!!
i've been reading fiction too! it's fun!
i would write more but i have to go read!