Monday, August 24, 2009

Illuminating the Ties That Bind Pollock & Krasner

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner
by Ines Janet Engelmann (Prestel)

This is a brief book but gets to the point and is printed on a heavy stock so it features some really nice color (and b&w) plates of Krasner's and Pollock's work throughout, side-by-side (arranged chronologically and comparatively).

Translated from German by a Scot, so the wording and punctuation is a little interesting - such as a consistent manner of using exclamation points I'm not accustomed to seeing in a work of non-fiction.

I appreciate that the author, Engelmann, doesn't sugar-coat Krasner's and Pollock's relationship but presents it for the intense, difficult, wonderfully productive and creative but ultimately self-imploding relationship that it became. The book describes on what levels and in which ways the relationship worked and was beneficial to each - as individuals, as artists, as companions - until Pollock drained what they'd had and it was no longer working for Krasner. I LOVE that she got all his money - like finally being paid for her work - not her painting, but what she had sacrificed to be with and support him.

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jennabean said...

I need to check this book out. I chose to write about Pollock for my exit exam at O.D.U. I made sure to make many references to Lee Krasner in that paper. She had her hands full with him. Not only did she support him in making art,but she made some good stuff of her own. In fact, I favor her paintings over his. She was amazing. Thanks for posting this book.