Tuesday, May 12, 2009

more vampire nonsense

if you've been following what i've been reading, then you'll remember i read the first two twilight books awhile back...i didn't like the second book as much as the first, which i enjoyed reading but didn't think was actually good...so i didn't buy the next one as it's STILL not out in paperback yet...it took about 9 months to get them from the library...so i just read the last two books and while i enjoyed reading them, i now feel my brain is full of ketchup rather than blood. i needed to read crap for awhile i guess. i'm gonna try to get back on track. i'm reading a bunch of non-fiction really slowly...and am about to try and blast through a research project on the IWW so it might be awhile before i have anything to report. i'm also really immersed in the greenwood histories of modern nations series (currently reading about the history of spain and el salvador) as well as the "a very short introduction" books. i picked one up on post-colonialism that is excellent. also been slowly reading chick flicks (thanks kanako) and need to get back to feminism and war, i've only ready about four chapters in that one. the vampire books really messed my brain up. i was sidetracked. i'm gonna go read some virginia woolf to cleanse.

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Alison said...

sorry to hear about the vampire books messing up your brain!! ha