Wednesday, March 18, 2009

library books

Two new books arrived for me today through interlibrary loan. This is what I am hoping to be reading in the next couple weeks:

Networking Futures: The Movements Against Corporate Globalization - Jeffrey Juris


Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-Lot Gardeners Are Inventing the Future Today - Chris Carlsson

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Anonymous said...

hi tobi
commenting on the p.rock review
have always loved your style and complete attitude ... punk was always that refreshing positive force for change - musical, friendship, life, self-education.. and its good to know its an attitude never lost on good people who truly care.
I have a million stories too from over 25 years on living honestly and thoughtfully and putting a lot of energy into ideals and action. I agree the technology is opnlt the tool, and pre-net there were more intrinsic honest ways of creating things and dealing with friendships and the world. I get reminded when I play the 7" singles and I was reminded again by your blog. Its a good reminder.
I'm guessing we may not meet, but I'm sure envious of the people who've you've invited around to play your music too, and talking ideas with... I wonder if they know how lucky they are?
Keep being you, and thanks for reminding me of our collective potential xxxx Cameron , Australia